Hey Thanks 7thRay. This is always something I appreciate about FFL and keeps me 
coming back, that folks pop up, folks “who were there” and can give an insight 
of recollection.


 7thRay27  wrote:

 Hey Mike,

 Since I know you like this kind of thing, I'll relate a few stories from the 
time I was on the first six month course along with Andy Rhymer, Rick Archer 
and others.  In fact, Andy was in my small group, along with some "108's".  It 
was our responsbility to correspond on Maharishi's behalf with some the other 
teacher's and 108's who were stationed around the world.  I remember getting 
letters from, I believe, Michael Brule, was teaching in Iran and was getting 
harassed by the Shaw's secret service.  I believe it was called the Savak, 
(yes, just checked it, and that is correct).  In fact, I think he was even 
imprisoned for a time.  He was feeling pretty discouraged.

 At any rate, I remember Andy describing his experience of doing Puja, and 
describing wave after wave of bliss.  I also remember him describing to 
Maharishi some past life experiences, and saying each previous incarnation was 
displayed as a sort of statue park, during an experience he had.

 Probably the best moment was when Andy was talking directly to Maharishi, who 
was there in the room, as he often was, and telling Maharishi that the most 
important part of enlightenment was devotion to the Master.  Maharishi said it 
was the most "natural", and Andy kept insisting that it was the most 
"important". There was a sweet back and forth that when on for a while like 

 As to Andy being, or becoming an alleged pedophile, don't have an answer for 
that.  Edg is on record here saying that he'd remove the alleged part.

 If that is a disqualification for being enlightened, I really can't say.  I'm 
not familiar with all the ins and outs of it. But it does seem that many who 
may have done some heavy lifting to get that point, (of enlightenment) will 
sometimes take a funny detour.

 As for Robin, yes I found him extraordinary in many ways. Whether he had 
classic NPS, I couldn't say, but it sure seemed that way to me much of the 
time.  But then again, it doesn't register with me much if a person is said to 
be enlightened or not.

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 M said Robin Carlsen and Andy Rhymer were enlightened.
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 for myself, I never felt I was guaranteed enlightenment.
  Yea, I know all about cc in 5 - 7 years, but I never
 put much stock in that,nor did I know others who did.
 Perhaps that was the extent
 of the misrepresentation, it you're looking for a
 "smoking gun", at least as far as the
 "gaining enlightenment" part.
 Otherwise, I think people
 got involved either for a vision of possibilities, or
 because because they were looking for "something",
 and this seemed to offer some potential.
 But as for declaring such
 and such a person as "enlightened", that would
 appear to be pretty out of place in any tradition I'm
 familiar with. 
 Spiritual growth is a pretty
 personal matter, not something you're likely to crow
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 > Now, wait. This sort of sounds like a set up. I say
 this because you have always been a proponent of the
 "these (supposed) states of consciousness are all
 subjective and can't be proven". So, why would
 such a declaration be important to you?
 wouldn't be the least bit important to me. But you'd
 think it might be important to Maharishi (who sold this
 supposed state of consciousness for close to 50 years) to be
 able to point to even one of his students who embodied it.
 After all, if he didn't, people might begin to think
 that the sales pitch was a pile of crap. 

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