Actually, Ann, I don't recall anyone having tried to use it to claim Robin was 
serious recently except Richard, who's just trolling. Before that, the last 
folks to do it, way back when but months after the posts themselves, were 
Curtis and Vaj (and Curtis surely knew otherwise; he thought he could make me 
believe Robin was serious--he wasn't aware Robin and I were communicating 
privately). Unless I'm forgetting things--if so, please remind me!

 << It's called "having fun," Richard. The most fun either of us ever had on 
FFL, in fact. We had a wonderful time throwing each other under the bus. And 
then an even better time laughing privately at the few gullible fools who 
thought we were serious.

 I would say you and Robin definitely scored way bigger by having had this 
little fun on FFL than you both either dreamed. I mean, look at the mileage you 
two have had with this. No one can stop bringing it up and talking about it and 
trying to use it to prove Robin actually disliked you and was serious. Neither 
of you could have predicted its longevity and the fact that it evidently 
qualifies as one of the Hall of Famer posts. Good on you both; I'd say the 
whole joke/skit worked better than either of you imagined. In fact, he said to 
me in a private email before I started posting to FFL on a regular basis that 
one of the highlights of his time there was this little charade you two had 
done and that I should be sure to read it because he thought it was probably 
the most fun he had had at FFL and that I should be sure not to take it 
seriously because he thought the world of you and you were just smart enough 
and quick enough to have perfectly played your part. He was still laughing 
about it every time he would bring it up to me, which was more than once. >>

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