There are far too many disagreeable, dishonest pricks around here these days, 
as far as I'm concerned. Actually it only takes a few like yourself and Barry 
and Share and Richard to ruin a forum like FFL.

 << You're in high form today Judy.  Well I suppose you've got something to 
hang your hat on, even it's being a disagreeable person most of the time. >>

 ---In, <authfriend@...> wrote:

 Oh, didn't know that. Bully for you. Because I knew you weren't capable of 
using the Neo search to find it.

 Barry would be happy to help you (or anybody else) out if it meant you could 
diss Robin or me or Ann, so it was a logical assumption.

 << What Judy doesn't realize is that I have access to the classic format when 
I want, with the "classic" search function.  I mentioned once already how this 
works with me, but evidently she missed it.  


 On the other hand, this supposed collaboration between Barry and me is a new 
twist for her and she seems  intent to try to get some mileage out of it.

 Go figure. >>

 ---In, <authfriend@...> wrote:

 Actually I'm not "adept" at finding stuff via Neo's advanced search feature; 
it's horrendously designed and fundamentally crippled. So I'm afraid you can't 
count on me to find stuff. I may get lucky, but it's a crapshoot.

 I suggested Barry retrieve your long exchange with Robin because he still has 
access to the Classic advanced search. Stevie doesn't appear ready to 
acknowledge his gigantic goof on that point; he may need to have his nose 
rubbed in it.

 << Thanks Judy, again you said everything that needs to be said and better 
than I could have said it. In addition, I simply don't go back to find old 
posts, especially now with Neo, because I don't know how to and I can't be 
bothered to figure it out. But I know you are more than adept at this so, in a 
pinch, I can always rely on you to back it all up. >>


 Ah, now this is Anne we've come to know.  No worries.  Anne, read Robin's 
post.  Read the various comments I have made about it.  Now, what I am 
gathering is that you think I am mistaken!  Yes, I managed to pick that up.! 


 Now, I've told you why I came to the conclusions I've come to.  And you are 
saying, "You're wrong Steve, and I'm right, because I am an authority in this 

 That is what I believe is called an Appeal to Authority.  And it is a fallacy.

 You have said nothing to support your position other than, "I Am An Authority 
on this Subject"

 Anne, you may not realize this, but your supposed "authorityness" is pretty 

 I mean it is kind of funny that in all the months Robin posted here, he never 
addressed you directly, once!


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