If you haven't already done so you might want to read Carlsen's take on 
Ayatollah Khomeini. To me he was clearly a cruel, narrow-minded fanatic with an 
instinctive hatred of western ideas of freedom. But where I see black Carlsen 
sees white. Follow the link for his portrait of the mad imam; but here's a 
typical quote: 
 "He did not smile once; his face was implacably set in the resolution of his 
will; God demanded everything from him; he had given his life to serving God. 
There was nothing to laugh at, to be amused at, to wonder about; his course had 
been set and he was in the determined consequences of that course: to bring 
Islam into the prominence which its divine genesis had portended. He lived for 
Islam; he had become the instrument of Islam; he had no purpose but the 
enactment of Islam. His individuality seemed merged with the universality of 
his higher purpose."

 http://tinyurl.com/nbmpvj9 http://tinyurl.com/nbmpvj9

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