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 Thanks for the info - still get a weird feeling about this - he must have been 
pretty delusional to take twenty five years to wake up to reality. I have heard 
of, and been prone myself, of attempting to prolong an experience of higher 
states of consciousness, but this doesn't hold water for me. Does anyone know 
Robin's sexual orientation? I am simply curious, because he may be masking a 
larger psychological issue of social integration, vs. working his way out of 

 To try and answer a portion of your question here Doc, I would venture to say 
that 25 years is more about the amount of time Robin has been alive since that 
time when he 'realized' he wanted 'out' of his 'enlightened state'. 25 years is 
simply the time he has spent living and coming to terms with who he is, what 
animates him and what strengths and weaknesses are inherent within him. In 
other words, Robin has been working on himself, as a sort of deeply intimate 
project, all this time since realizing his enlightenment was not a good thing 
for him. He is someone who is meticulous in all things, who is highly 
intelligent and therefore highly sensitive and he takes very seriously his role 
as a human being and as far as I can tell will never feel he has ever quite 
lived up to the standards he has set for himself while he still lives and 
breaths. As far as his sexual orientation, my bets are that he is 101% hetero.

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 Actually, in addition to his work on himself, he was supporting himself by 
doing substitute teaching in inner-city middle schools for much of that period. 
Hard to imagine a job more appropriate for cutting the ego down to size. 

 Most of the 25 years was apparently sheer misery and constant agonizing 

 As far as he's concerned, his awareness is now back to ordinary waking state.

 << I just meant in terms of his awareness. The whole thing sounds weird, as if 
he could not escape a context that he very much wanted to, and it took him 25 
to 30% of his lifespan??? Even criminals get off more lightly. His explanations 
sound like too much self referencing, unless he was cutting diamonds, or 
building houses, or surfing, etc. during that 25 years. >> 

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 Not sure what you mean by "ended up." Could you explain? 

 A lot of what he was doing, apparently, was purging himself of what he called 
his "secret infirmities"--presumably personality flaws he hadn't been aware 
of--that he believed were responsible for things going so wrong. Or rather, as 
he saw it, what the negative intelligences he perceived to have brought about 
his enlightenment took advantage of to bring him to grief. The other big part, 
I gather, was fighting to get his free will back. He said he hadn't been able 
to access it while he was in Unity.

 (Caveat for the terminally confused: This is what Robin said. I'm simply 
recounting it, not endorsing it. I haven't a clue as to its accuracy 

 << Yeah, that is because Unity Consciousness is still Unity, in terms of the 
Self; a person's 'owned' universality. It isn't full enlightenment. Brahman, 
where the identity dissolves, is actual enlightenment. All the seven states, in 
MMY's early model (before he began in the 80's talking about Brahman), are 
recognized in terms of the self, Universal or not. Beyond that, lies true 
freedom and liberation. I can understand the lock UC could have on a dramatic 
personality, but *25 years* to 'get rid of it'? That seems really weird to me, 
and excessive. I wonder where he ended up? >>

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 Fascinating, Salyavin. That is remarkably similar--virtually identical--to how 
Robin described his own exprience. Except for him, for whatever reason, it 
lasted for over a decade, and he spent 25 years working to get rid of it 
because of how ultimately destructive it had proved to be.

 << At work once I became the unwitting centre of attention when I slipped into 
"unity" on a busy friday afternoon when we were normally running around trying 
to wrap everything up. Everyone else just pulled up a chair and sat round my 
desk, it was amazing how different yet the same I was, intensely relaxed but 
wide awake and flowing all things good from some centre that wasn't even me but 
was everything that existed and it was all lush, powerful and vivid. Happy 
days, but it wore off a few hours later and that was that. What it all means I 
cannot say, my guess is nothing, just a phase, maybe all that bending my mind 
out of shape suddenly reflexively threw it into a euphoric state. But whatever, 
it doesn't work any more. >> 


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