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Stalkers of a feather flock together. 

 In your dreams, Bawwwwyyy. Always trying to make yourself feel important (or 
is that impotent) in some way. You're a joke.

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 My oh-so-great buddy, pycho-Ravi, has sent another unsolicited message to my 
wife's facebook page ...  "I miss you". Nice for her to know that this internet 
troll is stalking her. 


 This is stalking? It's Facebook,  Empty. If posting something to someone's 
wall (or was it a private message?)  is "stalking" then Facebook is one big 
stalk. On the other hand, you didn't explain this clearly nor the context in 
which it happened.  Barry claimed I was stalking him on FB when I wrote a 
comment on someone else's wall in response to his comment. Hardly.



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