I had pretty nice experiences with them. Others did as well. One of them is 
found in the Shiva Purana (not going to say which one or where). I also lifted 
-off once before the Sidhis were taught. I was laying down after meditation 
when kundalini started in my solar plexus and weightlessness started spreading 
outwardly to my extremities and I slowly rose in the air, off of my bed.Next 
thing I know , it gave out and I bounced back on the bed.I think they are being 
taught now as *advanced techniques*.

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Did they work real good?
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I got them on the
2nd Age of Enlightenment or
Six month  course which started in Biaritz France, later moving
to Fueregan Switzerland and
ending up some place else in France. Some were taught by
Billy Clayton and others by M . 

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Can someone explain to me what the Age of
Enlightenment Techniques were and who taught them?


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