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 Thanks Ann. Looks like Dennis and I have some shared passions.
My favorite is the woman Christ. That one is deep.

Thanks for taking a look, Curtis. You have a passion so I figured you would 
enjoy seeing the result of someone else's enthusiastic pursuit of his craft.

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 More for Mac or Curtis or for those who enjoy photography, which is a kind of 
art. There are some good ones here, some mediocre but for a guy who simply 
dabbles and is self-taught and who uses non-professionals my husband has done 
some nice work. Dennis just photographs in a studio he built above the barn so 
his work is very home grown. While the horses munch hay below he is snapping 
away. It is his passion. Isn't it great to have a passion?

 http://dennisbater.com/ http://dennisbater.com/



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