>> > The way I heard the story, it was the Shankaracharya, or the guy
>> MMY was
>> > propping up as the Shankaracharya (I can't begin to keep the
>> details of that
>> > whole mess straight) who suggested to MMY, during a quick trip to
>> India
>> > during the Fiuggi course, that he offer something more to the
>> Westerners. So
>> > Maharishi pulled out a copy of the Yoga Sutras and began
>> experimenting on
>> > half a dozen of the M-group types around him (I got this account
>> from one of
>> > them).
This seems to be mere speculation without argumentative basis. It is the same way typically mystifying circumstances as you are claiming them instead of as "to have been the cause of Maharishi's decision".
The Siddhis are the logic consequence out of TM. Look into the Samyama-principle: Dharana ("fixing"), dhyana ("gliding") and samadhi ("landing"). These three parameters (always) form the natural movement of the mind. The result is "concentrating" (ekagrata parinama). In TM you start with fixing the mantra in a repetitive manner. The emphasis is on dharana. Due to the three-guna principle the result is samadhi. In the siddhis the fixing aspect is being put into the back-ground. Emphasis is on dhyana ("coming back to the simplest form of awareness" -= siddhi-instruction). By this you pass through samadhi and end up in dharana (fixation = manifestation). This is pure applicable science of mind.
The sidhis didn't come out until 1977. The 1% effect came
>> out when
>> > Domash was reigning physicist in 1974. There was a campaign in
> the
>> UK in
>> > which one of the slogans was "you can be one of the 99 if you can
>> get one of
>> > your friends to be the one." Square root of 1% came out soon
> after
>> the
>> > sidhis, and Domash or Hagelin was physicist at that point. It was
>> still
>> > Domash until about 1980. Anyway, I think the theory preceded the
>> research.
Yes you think but you don't know it. And anyhow it would not have made any difference: In Science either theory precedes experience or vice versa. This is nothing unusual. Important is that later on theory and practice or the other way round have to match this or that way.
>> > In other words, the theory of 1% or square root of 1% was bandied
>> about
>> > before any societal testing was done. And Maharishi spent
> countless
>> hours
>> > discussing this and lecturing about it. It's not like it was
>> foisted on him
>> > by cunning physicists. As always, he was calling the shots.
Was there any harm in it ?
> was
>> tickled
>> > pink to get a theory that would absolve him from having to get
> 10%
>> of the
>> > world's population meditating, or even 1%. Anyway, I don't think
>> this
>> > particular point has much to do with the failure of the movement.
For sure he was looking for some more efficient formula. But this was just for principle reasons and has nothing to do with how many people were meant to be practicing TM.
The failure of the movement is by the way its present success. 99% of the TM-Teachers all over the world have been leaving the movement. Many of them are still teaching. That is, what Maharishi wanted. Because it secured that the secret agents in the movement have no access anymore to destroy the movement. Their assumed success of having been destroying now had become a success for Maharishi to have made so many minds become independent, not anymore bound to the master. This is the lesson of freedom Maharishi taught to us. He is always one step ahead.
The ideal of 10,000 or so at one place can grow now from the very grass root level. Once it has been established from there it will never be destroyable anymore. Maharishi 1979 in Seelisberg: "I have to play a global game, which you may not understand, but which will prevent the movement from ultimate destruction. I have to keep the appearance of the movement ridiculous. Those who are able to think from the heart will yet join and be with us."
It is now up to us to organize and realize this ideal step by step.

>> Although
>> > the advent of the sidhis sure scared off a lot of respectable
> folks
>> who were
>> > beginning to take it seriously.
What should these folks have been taking more serious than the siddhis and scientific research on TM ? All this sounds a bit talkative from your end.
In order to reach Kaivalya even the Karma Mimamsa Sutras and the Vedanta Sutras have to be practiced according to the Samyama-Principle. Only under these circumstances the Siddhis could unfold to full extent anyhow.

>> Thanks Rick, for the History lesson, I needed it. At any rate, it
>> really
>> supports my contention that MMY has rested the entire welfare of
> the
>> TMorg's success on these bogus studies!!
There were no bogus studies, there were only bogus interpretations (see those watery wisdoms in the recent mail "Where is the truth ?", where pseudo-yogies are typically misguiding people's minds, ending up in confusion like "everything is truth").
 It's psuedo-science, it
>> hasn't been proven satisfactorily. Remember.."thru the window of
>> science". 
There was nothing wrong in that statement. But science on TM got obviously suppressed by CIA and other conspiraceous groups. Why the fourth state of consciousness has not yet been part of general physiology so far ?
We might as well replace Guru Dev's picture with that of
>> the greatest scientest of our age, the great John Hagelin!!  MMY's
>> biggest mistake was, is, and always will be, the Siddhi's program!
The biggest mistake is that people are obviously not practicing this program regularly, because it is time-consuming, and money does not rain from the sky in order to allow a man to invest so much time  in that daily.
Viktor Schauberger from Austria similar like Tesslar had shown the way to get out of dependence already in the Thirties (he was one of the fathers of discovering the reality of "free energy").
If we had his technologies as part of our homes meanwhile, we all would find more time to excercise the siddhis regularly.
> Unless you happen to find the Siddhis program of personal use, of
> course...
I definitely find it of personal use. Don't critizize the master so much, change and deepen your vision !

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