Sal says they do and their web presence speaks to it as well. But I will defer 
to Sal on this he is in a position to know.

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Michael: note the highlighted part of my post below. A schism requires that the 
split off group has a coherent organization. I don't know if the initiators in 
England have this.

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the Movement already split - don't forget the renegade initiators in England

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Species, Corporations, Religions, Cults, as is the nature of change, always, if 
they persist, break apart or become extinct. A schism is always eventually in 
the cards for the TM movement. It is said shortly after his death, the 
followers of Buddha broke into some two dozen different sects. You can see how 
Christianity split over time. There seem to be fewer splits among Muslims, 
perhaps a reflection of the dark ferocity of their memes. The Mormons, barely a 
religion after 150 years, have split six times. And look at all the different 
Hindu flavours. It is almost a no-brainer prediction that the TM movement will 
at some point split. *Already there are many teachers in various countries 
teaching outside the movement purview.* 

I would say that movements in which the participants are unable to think for 
themselves are likely to cohere together longer than those in which mental 
freedom and expression are given freer reign. Onward Lemmings!

Rick does not have to do anything to weaken the movement, it will break 
naturally of its own accord, it is already frayed around the edges. While you 
might try to do something to arrest progress, eventually you will fail. That is 
the nature of evolution.

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It's part of Rick Archer's long-time strategy to try to split up and weaken the 

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An organizer asked me to post this. 
Be curious. Be practical. Be yourself.
One's perspective on this presentation of Explanations should be focused on 
"assessing its content" (i.e., whoever the source may be is far less relevant). 
Ask yourself on November 30th:
1) Is the content valuable and helpful to me now in my life? 
2) Does it have a practical benefit? If yes, then take that part and use it. If 
not, then don't. 
That should always be the test. On the individual level. 
For details of how to Reserve a free seat, Live Stream it, or to watch the 
recording afterwards:

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