It includes the armed men we caught on the bridge between hotels Sonnenberg and 
Kulm. It also includes dozens of agents that took TTC many of whom went on to 
Purusha. It also includeds Governors so poor that when they waved a few 
thousands dollars in front of their anemic noses they did almost anything to 
make their new masters happy. 
 Not that they had to do much, a weekly report sent to their accounting officer 
was all that was needed to adhere to the strict rules of economic 
self-suffisciency always present within the Movement. So when we started 
looking, which included asking a few questions in the countries they came from, 
they needed some pretty good explanation to where the money came from.
 Now, that's what I call a real enemy that was always fun to try to track. They 
did it not because they had some screews loose but to protect their country, 
which is a honorable thing to do. 
 The wacko's of today has no such honor and cannot touch the Movement.  All 
they'll accomplish is some momentary swelling of ego's already out of control.

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