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 Hate implies I care. I don't
 Barry seems to take this chat group pretty seriously - apparently he thinks we 
hate him. He's probably way down on your list of things you care about, 
slightly below an ant or a flea or a horse fly on the barn wall. 

 Although I don't hate horseflies the really big black ones, the size of a 
knuckle are deadly. You have one of those things buzzing around your horse's 
backend and you better clear the decks. These guys suck blood and know just 
where to land where the horse can't reach back with its teeth or swish with its 
tail. It lands right behind where the saddle would be, about 8 inches back in 
the middle of its butt. Now those are much more on my hit list than bawee. 
Bawee is more the equivalent of a house fly - persistent and droning and small. 
(I wonder if bawee searches both "bawee" and "Barry" when searching how many 
posts there are about him.)


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