Your observation is excellent.  It appears that for some people here think 
that being called a "believer" is uncool and, a worst, an Ebola case.  As such, 
they avoid giving any logical evidence for their assertions in order to be 
undefined, ambiguous and definitely not known as a "believer".

 Who would have thought the B word has become pejorative?

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 My responses are shown in red below:


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 Have you ever thought that atheism is also a belief-- and an unreasonable one 
at that? 

M: Couldn't help overhearing...
Atheism is not a belief because it is not a positive assertion that there is no 
God. It is the assertion that there is no compelling evidence to support the 
belief. We don't need to have a belief that there are no unicorns. Maybe there 
are. We just don't have any evidence to support our belief in one. (Probably 
people made the story up, they tend to enjoy that being such creative 

 Atheism is defined as a belief in "no god", according to Webster's College 
Dictionary.   By the suffix of the word "ism", the word is self-defined as a 
belief, according to the rules of the English language.

 It appears that the self-proclaimed atheists should understand what the 
meaning of the word "Atheism" means before saying that they are not "believers".

M: You had to overlook the first definition to make your point"

a disbelief in the existence of deity

Which is as I said, not the same as having a belief. It is the absence of the 
belief in God. Not believing in something is not a positive belief. Most 
atheists would say they don't know if there is a God, only that there is no 
evidence for one if they are being careful with their words. 

I do not have a belief in God. There is no belief that takes its place. I think 
it is unlikely that there is a God or that if here was one that man could know 
about him. But that is not a firm belief in no God, it is the lack of a belief 
in God. Do you see the difference?

 I am not sure why some here are so careful to avoid being called "believers". 
They act as if this is just about the worst thing someone can say about them. 
Is this because to be 'a believer' it implies one has closed ones mind to other 
options? Does it imply that one is a slave to their beliefs in some way and 
therefore rendered impotent in some way? Does being a believer mean one is a 
dupe or in danger of being duped? What is it exactly that is so odious about 
believing something because you sure are doing a lot of wiggling to avoid 
having your atheistic assertions not categorized as beliefs. And I reiterate 
again (from a previous post) I haven't yet come to any hard and fast conclusion 
of what I believe when it comes to God or no God or many Gods so it is not the 
viewpoint I am interested in but the way in which one comes to investigate or 
the embrace or reject that viewpoint.

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