Yes, pity all the city-dwellers who have
 no idea of what quiet is.
 There is a little church made of log
 built in the 1850's that still stands by itself
 amidst trees on a ridge-top that is one
 of those places of silence that people go
 visit to listen and hear the silence there.
 It is a place of pilgrimage for people who
 do not often know silence otherwise.  It is quieting.
 A place to go.
 It is called Mars Hill.
 It is a special place that way,

 One thing I have noticed in my new neck of the woods, is the silence. No more 
hum and growl of traffic, the vibration of the freeways. I have several musical 
instruments, and a lot of music, but the silence is so seductive, I find myself 
keeping the house as quiet inside, as the outside. Most of the time it is 
thickly and peacefully silent, here. I had ideas before being here, that now 
that I have the space, and distance from neighbors, I could listen to songs at 
concert volume, but I have yet to do so. Far more soothing to hear the quiet. 

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