Yes, but this is merely to foster Barry's image of himself. There were a few 
contradictory clues to that, in Mark's book. Watch when all of the purges 
occurred in Lenz's organization, and how those that were left, had to swear 
absolute fealty to Lenz, with deeper and deeper loyalty, each time the group 
was purged. Barry made it through all of the purges, and that speaks for 
itself. Also, Barry was more than likely kicked out of the organization, since 
that was another Lenz hallmark, when a chump wanted to leave. 
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---In, <fleetwood_macncheese@...> wrote :

 When I read Laxter's, Take Me For A Ride, Coming Of Age In An Abusive Cult, I 
was trying to figure out if any of the characters were in fact, Barry, though 
Mark used pseudonyms. Which one is Barry?

 bawee has claimed in the intro to his own Road Mind Trip fluff piece that he 
was not anywhere close to the inner circle around Rama and didn't spend any 
time directly with him.
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 You don't read their stuff, but i figured it would make your day to learn that 
Jim and Ann (both who claim that they are not obsessed with you) have been 
bragging about having read A WHOLE BOOK about Rama (the same one you told us 
about) so that they can obsess on you even more while trying to demonize you. 
You were right, this place is a zoo.
 On 10/20/2014 2:30 AM, TurquoiseBee turquoiseb@... mailto:turquoiseb@... 
[FairfieldLife] wrote:
 Color me not surprised. I guess it gives them something to do other than whack 
off.  :-)
 That's why you called our attention to your work with Lenz, right"
 Apparently you has never read Laxer's Take Me For A Ride where you are used as 
an example by Mark to indicate that you were a True Believer. I assumed this 
since I posted a long message about the book back in 2003 along with a review 
of Lenz's two novels, Surfing the Himalayas and Snowboarding to Nirvana. 
 Your response was very weak indicated to me that you didn't want to talk about 
your work for Lenz, so why are you so concerned now?
 Apparently one of your buttons got pushed.  Go figure.

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