Things have seriously taken a turn for the worse, since then. Perhaps it has 
slowly dawned on him, how much he was damaged by Lenz, in terms of relating to 
normal people, in a normal way. Or not.:-o

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 Yes, but this is merely to foster Barry's image of himself. There were a few 
contradictory clues to that, in Mark's book. Watch when all of the purges 
occurred in Lenz's organization, and how those that were left, had to swear 
absolute fealty to Lenz, with deeper and deeper loyalty, each time the group 
was purged. Barry made it through all of the purges, and that speaks for 
itself. Also, Barry was more than likely kicked out of the organization, since 
that was another Lenz hallmark, when a chump wanted to leave.

 Some interesting excerpts from bawee's little memoir:

 I never put much serious effort into writing stories about my spiritual 
experiences for publication. I just wrote them for myself. And of course, being 
the somewhat ego-centered individual that I am, many of these stories weren't 
about Rama at all - they were about me. They were about the cool moments that I 
had experienced while pursuing my own weird pathway to enlightenment.


 The stories are not about Rama per se. Other, more talented and less 
egocentric writers will create those books. These are just the stories of a 
normal, everyday seeker who was fortunate enough to have had some remarkable 
experiences in the aura of a remarkable teacher. Don't expect revelations or 
gossip from an insider or member of the 'inner circle.' I wasn't that great a 
student, and had very few personal interactions with the man. And many of them 
were in public restrooms. So the stories are mine, but if he was the excellent 
teacher I believe he was, his teaching should somehow reveal itself in these 
stories about my life. Because he helped shape that life, and I am grateful to 
him for his skill and craftsmanship.

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