Well I read these insights in science and medical articles, so probably pretty 
straight forward stuff.

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Ann, here are some more reasons to love how nature works: the leaves of trees 
take on warmer colors in the autumn, as the air becomes cooler; trees become 
bare in the winter so that more sunlight can reach us with its warmth; in 
summer the leaves are plentiful and thus shade us from the sun; and in spring, 
that gorgeous green helps us detox after a slothful winter. (In Chinese 
medicine green is the color that helps the liver.)

It would be nice to think that nature is designed to accommodate us like that, 
that we are the equivalent of the center of nature's universe. In that way, 
hopefully without being too egocentric, we can continue to view nature as 
generous, gentle and nourishing. 

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Nablusoss, wrt light, for the past month or so I've become so aware of the 
sunlight, or any light for that matter. But the sunlight is so sublime, almost 
a living thing. Its silence is definitely a beautiful song.

Sunlight at this time of year is less direct and has a yellower and oranger hue 
to it. Autumn sunlight has more color than summer sunlight. I
notice it too. There is more than just leaf color and air temperature that 
distinguishes one time of the year from another.

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I've been having the same experience whenever going to a cabin far from other 
people for a few days particularily observing silence, no talking or calls. 
Silence becomes so dominating and thick one can almost touch and certainly see 
it as small balls of light joyfully floating around. It's tempting to spend 
longer periods of time in such a manner, perhaps in the Mountains.

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One thing I have noticed in my new neck of the woods, is the silence. No more 
hum and growl of traffic, the vibration of the freeways. I have several musical 
instruments, and a lot of music, but the silence is so seductive, I find myself 
keeping the house as quiet inside, as
the outside. Most of the time it is thickly and peacefully silent, here. I had 
ideas before being here, that now that I have the space, and distance from 
neighbors, I could listen to songs at concert volume, but I have yet to do so. 
Far more soothing to hear the quiet. 

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