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 dear salyavin, what?! No pic of shed?!

 Sorry, here you go: 




 Not too shabby is it? Few candles and a nice rug and it's done.

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 We have decided to stay at this place for the winter and we are trying to 
locate the owner to make him an offer. If anyone has any information please 
forward it to us. If we do not hear from anyone soon we are going to build a 
place like this ourselves. Thanks.
You can rent my shed if you like. It's not quite as poncy but I do have a pond, 
you can earn a bit of extra cash by keeping leaves off the surface so the toads 
don't suffocate. Very important that.

 You'll have to come into the house to use the wi-fi though, but we could save 
time by just numbering your posts from 1 to 3 and I'll type them in, it won't 
take me long. 

 That is of course, on the off-chance that no one else here knows where this is 
or who owns it either....




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