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 " I am able to play a bit more enthusiastically these days than the 4 dead 
guys you listed however."

 We know they are dead so that goes without saying. Hopefully you are not so 
out of touch with reality as you come across that you compare yourself in any 
possible way with these musicians.

 M: No it is you my humorless friend who is attempting to judge my music 
against some of the most legendary musicians on my genre. I wonder if any of 
your endeavors in life would hold up to that as a standard?


 But to be fair, and I know you are not intending to be...
 My field is as a multi -instrumentalist at the same time. Your comparisons are 
only of the same type of music, not as I perform it. I hold my own with anyone 
who is playing as I do much better.

 Plus you are comparing me busking which means I am keeping the crowd engaged 
the whole time with people playing for an audience or at a recording session. 
Perhaps my CDs on CD baby under my name would be a fairer sound to compare, 
even though I am still performing all the instruments at once. But at least you 
take out the complete distraction of the goals of busking which is non musical 
and not exactly easy to pull off while performing multiple instruments at the 
same time.

 So how about you dig up a one man band performing live who you feel is of a 
much higher musical quality than what you hear on my CD. Then you might be 
approaching a fair comparison.

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