Do the MT'ers push the meditators to become siddhas like the regular TM'ers do?

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Hey Sal, you ever do any rounding in this joint?

Nope, I never met any of the teachers there either. They were leaving just as I 
started working for HQ. In fact I was on the conference call when they started 
complaining about Marshy's new pricing scheme, it was my first glimpse of 
collective coherence or "field independence" as the case may be ;-)

Nice building though, I know TMers who go on courses there (shock, horror. They 
only tell me about it under dire injunctions of silence) and who enjoy the 
non-movementness of it all. This is what TM is all about for me, weekends in 
stately homes with good food and company and no Bevan Morris and John Hagelin 
in sight, cosy and fun and not too religious - that's how it should have stayed.

The MT are cheap though and they are successful, maybe those things are 
coincident but they don't have anything (or anyone) to put you off, the last 
official introduction tape I saw was appalling. It had the usual mood-making 
bliss bunnies in suits going on and on about vedic "science" and sthapatya veda 
even! It put me off and I'd been doing it 15 years at the time, can't imagine 
what newbies thought about it.
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