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Otherwise known as the "Where yer people hailed from" test. My brother is into genealogy, and figuring out our lineage. It never interested me all that much, even when his detective work indicated that our father's unknown original parents (he was an orphan, left on a doorstep in Philadelphia during the big flu epidemic in the 1920s) were probably from the Ukraine, and Jewish.

More interesting to me was his latest endeavor, in which he submitted DNA samples to a company and got a "readout" on where his DNA (and presumably mine as well, since our Mom was SO not a person given to fool around) *came from* on the planet. The company says that it matches the samples against many thousands of similar samples tied primarily to geographical locations around the world, and then they ship you a report on what they found.

I have no idea if it's legit. I just looked as his (and presumably my) results, and they sounded "right" to me:

99% European
(broken down)
54% English
28% Irish
12% Eastern Europe
05% Western Europe

Cheap entertainment...what can I say? Just posted in case anyone here gets all Woo Woo behind the idea of figuring out where *their* DNA comes from. The site is dna.ancestry.com. Not responsible.
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I'd love to do this, it's sure to be really interesting. but then I know that I'm mostly English with a large bit of Scottish and a bit of Romanian gipsy from my Gran who hailed from those parts (don't tell Nigel Farage). What else lurks in there? How much Neanderthal or even African farmer?

Fascinating stuff DNA as it cannot lie, if you want to know how close you are to anything from Zebra's to mushrooms it will tell you. And all living things are related to one original cell, I never get over thinking about that, what a discovery, what a thing to know about yourself!
/“Europeans today have genes from three very different populations. The oldest of these populations were the first Europeans, who appear to have lived as hunter-gatherers. The second were farmers who expanded into Europe about 8,500 years ago from the Near East. But most living Europeans also carry genes from a third population, which appears to have arrived more recently."//

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