Which is all moot where Marshy was concerned since he was not enlightened.

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Let me put here what an advaitan would submit.  I'm merely parroting, but I 
believe I can "hold my own" and represent Advaitan teaching and speak to the 
concept that "awareness is not material."  

An "enlightened but aging-badly person" is said to be witnessing the decline of 
the normal functioning of consciousness, but yet still, an enlightened person 
is, well, enlightened. Free from any manifest  identification. 

Though enlightenment means that there is ZERO identification with the contents 
of consciousness (the person) by the witness -- the witness is yet still merely 
an artifact of consciousness which was/is realized upon enlightenment to have 
always been part of every experience, and it too dissolves upon death.  During 
life, the witness can be said to be "pure being" or "amness," but awareness is 
beyond these concepts -- beyond even the perfection of the witness as it 
reflects awareness.

Get it?  That's just it:  no one does.  The person is left behind after 
enlightenment like an old garment.  That person CANNOT INTELLECTUALLY OR 

Awareness does not need a witness or a consciousness to have actuality, but 
when consciousness arises, awareness will, since it is an 
"all-time-all-space-and-beyond, ahem, non-real actuality," "be" "represented 
by" the localized witness "function."  Jesus taught that fig trees and stones 
had consciousness, so I'm guessing they have a subtle witness function too.  
Dwell on that for awhile -- pretty hefty concept right there in the testimony 
of Jesus.  Ignored of course by most Christians.

There is no discernible causal relationship between awareness and 
consciousness.  This was expressed by Krishna when He said "Partha, babes, 
fagetaboutit, ya can't figure out karma."  Unfathomable meant unfathomable, see?

Or as I like to say, "Ain't nobody what knows his next thought."  

Including the enlightened.  

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