The doc was clean - almost no pain today, though I have backup. Also doing 

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 Fleetwood, if the pain gets bad, I recommend Xpress PowerStrips. I had 
shooting pains in my ear last week. They were gone after a few hours of the 
patch applied simply near to the ear.

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   No, it isn't the latest single by Paris Hilton. This is what the state of 
consciousness (SOC) is called, that I experienced, during my recent dental 
visit (two crowns and a root canal). It begins with me taking two different 
sedative-hypnotics, an hour before the procedures, in the morning, on an empty 
stomach. My wife drove me down to the oral surgery office. I was immediately 
led to a chair, and reclined. The doctor came in, quickly gave me four shots of 
novocaine, into the left side of my mouth, then began sliding an IV into a vein 
on the top of my hand. I remembered wanting to tell him how it didn't hurt, and 
then I was ...consciously sedated.

 The next thing I remember was staring at a large framed screen, like an 
Etch-A-Sketch, only it filled my vision, and the frame was a mix of art deco 
and futuristic. The entire thing looked like it had been spray-painted a matte 
gold. I stared at it a long time (10 minutes? 2 hours?), then hands began 
reaching into the screen, from the side. They were also colored gold. The 
perspective was like having eyes down my throat, looking up.

 I continued to come to, slowly, and could follow voice requests, to, "open 
wider". I was aware enough to determine linearity of my experience, but that 
was all. Afterwards, the doc said I fell asleep and was actually snoring. In 
addition, the hypnotics prevent the brain from forming memory pathways during 
the experience, so I literally have very, very little memory of an over three 
hour procedure. It happens again in a week, for the right side, sans root 
canal, thank God. 

 PS It has been raining buckets all day long.    

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