Yeah, it was elective, on my part - always disliked the pain of the procedures. 
So, I specifically sought out a dentist who offered sedation dentistry, then 
loaded up my plate, and went for it. I do the same thing in a week, on the 
other side of my mouth. 
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 Re " It begins with me taking two different sedative-hypnotics, an hour before 
the procedures, in the morning, on an empty stomach . . . The doctor came in, 
quickly gave me four shots of novocaine, into the left side of my mouth, then 
began sliding an IV into a vein on the top of my hand.": 

 WTF!? When I've had root-canal treatment (or crowns) I was simply injected 
with a local anaesthetic. After a five-minute wait the dentist got on with it. 
(Maybe you had an abscessed tooth, which can up the ante?)

 For me the part of visiting the dentist I dread is when they clean my teeth. 
That electric tooth-polisher with the rotating circular pad always tickles my 
gums and tongue and I inevitably start giggling and spluttering. The dentist 
usually has to give up! On my way out I do get funny looks from the other 
anxious patients in the waiting area who probably read me as an S&M devotee.

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