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 Perhaps the TMO ought to take him up on his challenge although $1 million is 
chicken feed to them.

 I've often suggested it, I bet they always want more money too. But they'd 
also get the kudos for winning, that'd be headline news. Publicity you couldn't 

 But which of their technologies gets to go under scrutiny? The ME or yagya's 
are the obvious contenders, I'd love to see it. Maybe Share or Buck can bring 
it up at a meeting that there's easy money to be had?
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 Problem with Randi is he was a magician whose career was sagging so he needed 
to come up with a new shtick to get some headlines.  His astrology experiment 
(done with Sun signs) was a joke.

 LOL, the vested interests were never happy with his attempts to save people 
from fraudsters. You should have taken up the million dollar challenge with 
your superior vedic astrology. Probably still can, he's a fair guy.
 Besides, it was an accident that forced him out of his main career. We should 
be thankful that he then devoted his expertise to jokers like Geller and 
Popoff, they kept making money by the bucketful of course but they lost the 
respect and interest of anyone serious. Geller now sells jewellery on the 
shopping channel.


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 Free-to-view BBC documentary chronicling magician James Randi's debunking of 
faith healers, fortune tellers and psychics, including spoon-bender Uri Geller 
and tent-show evangelist Peter Popoff. Interesting.
 http://tinyurl.com/l2s7q9t http://tinyurl.com/l2s7q9t
 Recommended by me.
 Especially the Popoff debunking, that was hilarious. Seeing Uri Geller again 
brought back memories of trying to bend spoons myself in the 70's. Seems that 
everyone fell for it. Except Randi...
 But the most fascinating bit for me was the vehement response he got from the 
public for his efforts, it turns people don't like being told their sacred cows 
aren't real, they like the make-believe and not hard facts. I thought he was 
doing people a massive favour! 
 And parapsychology is stronger for Randi having pointed out their weaknesses, 
we'd probably be sitting here thinking that people actually have magical powers 
if it wasn't for him....



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