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The pundits are too busy rioting to do a rain dance.
/Barry sounds prejudiced against spiritual groups. He seems never to pass up an opportunity to criticize, even using a tragedy like a drought to make his point, blaming some poor Hindu pundit boys for climate change and weather events.

One wonders what exactly, was the purpose of meeting up with Rama and 200 others out in the dessert? What good ever came out of watching Rama slowly lift up slowly off of a sofa? Go figure./
The fact that the TMO can *keep* running these scams, and *keep* finding people to throw their money away on them, is truly astounding. If there is a Museum Of Great Idiots In History somewhere, one entire wing of it is dedicated to TMers.
/More cognitive dissonance: if you really felt this way, you'd take down your Rama web site.//There seems to be some cognitive dissonance going on with you, or maybe you're just being hypocritical.//

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