I sent an old Fairfield friend a link to
http://www.mercola.com/display/router.aspx?docid=31303 and this was his

This is retarded.....never has there been a bird flu that has effected so
many multiple millions of birds and over such a large geographic area. THERE
HUMANS.  When bird handlers in poor parts of the world and in indigenous
populations (where they contract the bird flu from water supply, lakes,
rivers etc) have contact with the virus from infected birds, while at the
same time being infected with an ordinary flu, then the ordinary flu teaches
the bird flu how to transfer from human to human. The petri dish for stewing
a lethal combination of regular flu with bird flu has never been greater and
is about to be global in one years time. From an unbiased scientific
perspective it is ABSOLUTELY INEVITABLE that the jump will occur.  It will
be here in America... and most likely Iowa...within a year.

If you are spreading this pacifying bullshit in order to ease peoples
minds....or in order to berate the government or established medical
authorities because of your notions that they are ALL corrupt and money
crazed and want to control the population with fear etc....then you are
being HIGHLY IRRESPONSIBLE  and frankly just plan stupid.   You could end up
being the cause of the DEATHS of a lot of folk who already are in denial
that something so horrifying could possibly be in the making.  They will
relax about the whole thing, instead of being properly prepared, and the
result will be their undoing.

I wish this thing were not going to happen....we are all going to eat shit
sandwiches even if we're well prepared.  But NOT to prepare for such a
culture buster, even if the likelihood of it happening were only to be 50%
and not 100%, would be highly irresponsible.  This is not the chicken little
yk2 shit.  The agreement amongst scientist that this is the greatest danger
humanity has ever faced is universal....governments are only now beginning
to get the balls to address this crisis, and in a very understated way, to
their respective populations.   So for Christ sake don't make the job of
getting folks prepared any harder.  They are going to hear stuff from the
media that will stir them to want to do something.  They are going to need
to plan to have food, on hand, for 6 months to a year....grains that they
can sprout etc.  And they are going to need to have somethings, on hand,
that will dumb down the flu so it isn't so virulent.

If we do not prepare then our gooses will be cooked.

PS  If this thing doesn't happen, by some miracle, then everyone is invited
to my place for steamed rice and sprouted garbonzo beans.

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