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 You know what is the dominate dynamic on FFL?

 Yes I do. It is what you are about to write. This is the dominant dynamic on 
FFL. We all do this down to the very last one of us in one way or another.

There is a group who criticizes the organization we were all a part of, the 
founder and the beliefs of the followers. (I am a proud member of this group.)

And a group who personally attacks their personal life with made-up assumptions 
about their state of mind and life in place of making a reasoned argument for 
the positive power of their beliefs.

The single counter argument for this group, no matter what detail of the 
movement and its beliefs are criticized seems to be : "Yeah but you are a poopy 
pants so neirner, neiner, neiner!"

This is a stunning indictment of the vocal supporters of Maharishi here that 
the sophistic tool of personal attack, complete with fabrications about the 
critics personal life and business, is the go-to weapon in practically every 

And let me cut off the "but. but, but he started it" routine. You guys are 
supposed to be representing the most precious knowledge of mankind and HIGHER 
states of consciousness. I am just an ordinary working artist. (Yeah, Nabs jump 
on that to prove my point, go ahead!) I am not the one making claims that I am 
in a permanent state of infused being or that I am somehow participating in the 
most important work for the future of mankind, saving the world for an actual 
example claim.

So when your reaction to me saying that Maharishi seemed to be a super 
ambitious guy selling a panacea (which he literally and explicitly WAS) is to 
attack what I do for a living, or make up that I am somehow not successful in 
my life or career which you could know NOTHING about...

you reveal that, like your self proclaimed "master" the emperor has no clothes. 

Just notice what you are about to type right now. Let's see if there is a 
response that makes a cogent point to reflect upon concerning the power and 
beauty of this knowledge you hold so dear...

or if it is the same old routine. I am gunna predict no response because I just 
took away the only response you got. I would love to be proven wrong. 
Conversation might actually break out here.



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