/You sound like somebody that got kicked out of the movement and
    now you're upset and want to take your anger out on spiritual and
    religious groups online. Go figure./

    Ricky, I am finally getting the knack of how you roll (well, in
    the last three months I have) and you will outlast everyone here
    and not even end up breathing hard or elevating your heart rate. I
    gotta give you credit. You are a sly one and laughing as you go.
    Good for you. I love a person who knows how to play and to do so
    without malice.

On 11/5/2014 1:31 AM, salyavin808 wrote:

He's a brainwashed cult zombie.
/Non sequitur.

So, you spent a decade inside a cult, watching videos of the Maharishi on TV and trying to learn how to fly, but I'm the "brainwashed zombie" because I learned basic meditation? Go figure./

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