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> > On the cover of my local newspaper today (big city in a big state)
> > is the headline, "Fiscal train wreck feared: Experts say lurking 
> > U.S. crisis may spur market plunge, pension losses, lower standard 
> > of living."
> Reported on CNN this afternoon as well, very
> gloomily.

Yes, the "news" organizations thrive on conflict and failure. All of 
this; the 'bird flu', and bad this and bad that, and be afraid of this 
and be afraid of that, is so *incredibly* selective.

To all of the statisticians on this site, and others, let's assume one 
newsworthy event happens to each of the 6.5 billion people on the 
planet, every ten years. Surely each of us can look back over the last 
ten years and find *something*, one thing, individually newsworthy... 
(whether we would choose to report it is another matter...)

That then gives us about 1.8 million events to choose to be reported, 
to focus on, to see on TV, read in newspapers, hear on the radio, each 
*day*. And what do we *always* hear about? The cherry-picked downers; 
the conflict, the failures, the problems, the unresolved issues, the 
horrible events.

I'm declaring it a massive conspiracy of muddy consciousness; the 
hideousness of small minds. 

Not to ignore what is, but to no longer blow it out of proportion, see 
ourselves so often as powerless victims, as occupants of a large, 
fearful cesspool, as 90% goners. 

Not me. Not you. Not any of us.

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