I think what you will find, sal, if you read this, that the guy who claims to 
want real dialog here, Barry, is really just saying, "hey brother, can you 
spare a button I can push". 

 It's kinda like the guy on the street with the sign that says, "will work for 
food" when all they really want is a handout.


 So, with Barry, when he says, "hey, can we have some real dialog",  all he 
wants is a button to push

 How can you really come down on a guy, who reminds you of the pan handler you 
run across every day?

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 I just noticed that the folders I created in Yahoo Mail to store unread posts 
from the people actively stalking me -- Ann, Jim, Steve, and Richard -- were 
surprisingly empty. 


 Maybe they've actually stopped posting their crap, I thought, so I checked the 
Post Count post and it shows that Richard is still the verbal diarrhea king and 
that the others still seem to be posting as much as always. So then I scrolled 
through the list of incoming posts on the Yahoo Groups reader (Neo), and their 
stuff seems to still be appearing there, too. It's just not getting to Yahoo 
Mail. Go figure. 


 I'm just posting this to see whether Xeno (who created similar macros) or 
anyone else has noticed anomalies like this, creating a difference between what 
arrives on the FFL website and thus is visible in the Yahoo Groups reader 
(Neo), and what arrives in your email feed. 


 Whatever the cause, color me properly grateful. 


 Whether it's <genuflect> God saving my macros from having to route posts from 
these four to a trash folder that I then have to empty from time to time 
unread, or some other cause, it's All Good. Praise the Lawd! 


 If it's really the work of God, I may even contribute to a Maharishi™ yagya 
just to thank the dude for his efforts, and for having the same taste in who to 
throw in the trash bin that I do.  :-)  :-)  :-)


 I'm not one for magical thinking or "gods" so I was hoping the synchronicity 
video Eustace posted would enlighten me to mysterious goings on like these 
helpful and apparently meaningful "coincidences" you speak of. But I only 
managed to watch the first 3 weeks of those waffling windbags and am at a loss 
to say whether they have any evidence of anything profound at all, if they have 
they certainly don't seem to like talking about it at their conferences.

 My theory is that you are probably inadvertently humming as you check your 
e-mail and this humming inadvertently mimics the hum of the Ved. As we all 
know, thanks to the work of John Hagelin, this affects the cohesion between 
sub-mesons and leptons and causes super-strings to manifest quarks in a 
different place so that the electrons in your computer funnel the offending 
material into the Room 101 of cyberspace.

 So there's no need for a donation, maybe you've already yagya'd yourself to 





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