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10 November 2014 Last updated at 09:18 ET  
Indian woman paraded naked on donkey
woman in northern India has been stripped naked and paraded on a donkey 
on the orders of village elders after being accused of killing her 

The village council in Rajsamand district in Rajasthan state also ordered the 
45-year-old woman's face to be blackened.

Her nephew's family say she killed him. Police have arrested 39 people.
Orders given by village councils - panchayats - carry no legal weight but are 
widely respected in rural areas.

Rajasthan's principal secretary for rural development, 
Shreemat Pandey, told the BBC it was "completely illegal" for the 
panchayat to hand down such a punishment. 
Senior police official Shweta Dhankhad told BBC Hindi that on 2 November, a 
45-year-old man, Vardi Singh, killed himself in Thurawad 

Three days after his funeral was held, his wife and some 
other relatives went to the police alleging that Mr Singh had been 
killed by his aunt.

On Saturday night the family approached the village council which agreed that 
the aunt was guilty of murder. 

On the council's order, the woman's head was shaved and her 
face was blackened with coal dust, she was stripped naked and taken 
around the village on a donkey.

"It's a shameful incident that a woman was treated so badly on orders from the 
village council," Ms Dhankhad said. 

"Initially, she was even afraid to talk about what had 
happened to her but after the police and officials from the social 
welfare department arrived, she was able to feel a little safe and 
narrate her ordeal." 

Correspondents say women are routinely stripped and paraded naked in rural 
India in order to punish and humiliate them. 

In October, a woman in the eastern state of Jharkhand was stripped and paraded 
naked before several family members by her in-laws who wanted a big dowry from 

In July, a 60-year-old woman was beaten, stripped and tied to an electricity 
pole in a village in the eastern state of Orissa after local people accused her 
of being a witch. 

In January 2012, some upper-caste men in Maharashtra state beat, stripped and 
paraded naked a low-caste Dalit woman because her son had eloped with an 
upper-caste girl.

Most of these incidents of public shaming take place in 
remote villages and the victims, almost always from economically and 
socially disadvantaged sections, have no alternative but to continue to 
live in the communities where they were humiliated. 
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