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 John and salyavin, thanks, I enjoyed both these articles and thoroughly 
appreciate the concluding remarks:
 So, how do we prepare for something we know so little about? We do so "by 
continuing to do good science, but also by realizing that science is not 
metaphysically neutral," concluded the conference host Steven Dick.
 He added: "We prepare by continuing to question our assumptions about the 
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 and intelligence."

All I know is, I'll die happy if we discovery intelligent life elsewhere in the 

 If something comes to visit us, even better! What form it will take is a 
mystery, if they're at our level of knowledge about how the universe works 
they'll come in person. If they are more advanced they might turn up as robots 
with their DNA (or fundamentally equivalent) stored somewhere and then they'll 
convert any matter they find into themselves. It all must be possible because 
we are made out of bits of the universe so there aint no reason why something 
with advanced knowledge can't transmute other bits, or even empty space, into 
whatever they like.

 But the fact that's possible and we can't see any evidence of the sort of 
things they could build might mean we are on our own or that nobody ever gets 
further than us. Not round these parts anyway. Or it it might be something even 
stranger that turns up and freaks us out. It's all a mystery but given how many 
hoops we had to jump through on this planet to get how we are, can life like us 
be common?

 Read more at: http://phys.org/news/2014-11-alien-life.html#jCp 

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 A SETI scientist states that this may be the most dominant intelligence in the 
cosmos.  Somehow, it appears that scientists like him are missing something in 
their assessment about the capabilities of biological entities like human 
 It may be possible to communicate with ETs instantaneously with the human mind 
through mental telepathy

 I imagine there's a pretty good reason they don't consider things like that at 
scientific conferences. The fact that humans can't do telepathy is probably 
chief among them.

   This can be justified through the principle of quantum entanglement.

 Not quite as simple as that, but I'll bet anything it won't be used 
telepathically, communicating with entanglement would require very 
sophisticated equipment, you've got to separate and remove fundamental 
particles and move them about. It's a big job and I'm pretty sure that you need 
to have both particles in the same place to start with to know whether they are 
actually entangled or not.

 Trouble is, no one really knows what is happening during entanglement 
experiments. Can subatomic particles communicate faster than light - thus 
destroying our realist concept of space - or is there something we don't know 
about how they work? Perhaps the state of the particle pairs is determined 
before they are separated by some deeper principle we don't yet undertsand.

 If they can communicate faster than light than then how do we know from our 
perspective which event causes the other? Or is time an emergent phenomena that 
doesn't apply to the subatomic world? Etc etc. Very interesting subject though 
whatever it's practical uses end turn out to be. 

 One thing is for sure if we could use it to communicate with aliens we can use 
it to communicate on Earth. Hopefully we can do that before my laptop wears out 
and I have to fork out for a new one...





 Preparing for alien life http://phys.org/news/2014-11-alien-life.html

 Preparing for alien life http://phys.org/news/2014-11-alien-life.html At a 
recent event sponsored by NASA and the Library of Congress, a group of 
scientists and scholars explored how we might prepare for the inevitable 

 View on phys.org http://phys.org/news/2014-11-alien-life.html
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