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 It's funny when you are having that lucidity in a dream and you look at the 
characters you are interacting with and think to yourself "You people are just 
a creation of my fancy" but said characters don't bat an eyelid and just get on 
with their roles! 
 My lucid dream last night was also pleasant. And I had the thought that I 
could awake myself and see my familiar bedroom anytime I wished - which I 
assume was indeed the case.

 I get these stress dreams where I am supposed to be in a horse show in like 5 
minutes and my horse isn't braided, I'm not dressed and I don't know my jump 
course or dressage test. I flail around with this kind of dream for a while, 
exhausting myself and then suddenly I just say, "Oh, for God's sake, this is a 
dream. Relax. Go do something else."

 Or else, I am about to fall off a cliff or someone is about to kill me so I 
think, "This is just a dream so let's see what if feels like to get stabbed and 
to actually die or to fall off a cliff and let's also see if I can start to fly 
while in mid air.". Stuff like that. But I don't know if this is lucid dreaming 
or just experimenting in your sleep while you dream. 


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