You live in urban California, where any carrier's phones will work adequately, 
and money is the most important consideration. Out here in rural America, 
coverage is a much more important issue, and in Iowa, GSM carriers suck ass. US 
Cellular and Verizon, both CDMA, are the only carriers with decent coverage. 
Sure, the GSMers cover Iowa's cities and Interstate corridors, but out in the 
boonies, forget about it. Hell, there are buildings in Fairfield where GSM 
phones can't even make or receive calls.

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 Dump Verizon.  Obviously you are under no obligation to them using a 10 year 
old phone.  Verizon uses CDMA which is hard wired into the phone.  Use a 
carrier that has GSM as that uses SIM cards. Buy a no contract phone and get a 
SIM care for your carrier as a prepay.  I have my prepay set up to 
automatically refill each month.  You can move your cell number to the new 
carrier too. If you don't like the carrier stop the prepay and get another 
carrier.  Some folks use more than one carrier and just change the SIM card 
when needed.
 Cellular companies seems to be run by the great great grandsons of old west 
snake oil salesmen.  Be wise and you won't be a mark for them and waste money.
 On 11/19/2014 11:39 AM, Share Long [FairfieldLife] wrote:

   Richard, it sounds like a great phone. But I think I gotta go with Verizon 
approved brands because I have about $200 worth of calling credit on my current 
phone which gets hot after I've been on it for 30 min. Wonder if there's any 
brain damage (-:
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 Subject: [FairfieldLife] New Phone for Share, was meditation is job one for 
Jerry Seinfeld
 Share, did I tell you that the LG Tribute has a front-facing camera and flash?

 On 11/17/2014 11:16 AM, Share Long [FairfieldLife] wrote:

 Richard, my cell phone is 10 years old. I think I need a new one. Any 
suggestions? >
 Get the Virgin Mobile USA Android LG Tribute 4G LTE for $59.95 at Best Buy or 
from Virgin Mobile for $79.95; and the Virgin no-contract plan with unlimited 
data, text and talk for $35.00 month?



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