sal, sal, God Bless You. 

 Yes, let me apologize again, that I find your posts lacking in the 
"interesting" department.  

 Remember, you're the guy who has expressed the sentiment that youtube, and the 
internet in general should be edited appropriately according to what you 
consider to be relevant.

 Go figure.

 But, but, Barry, "bringing a lot to the place?"

 I guess if you consider dumping on people on a daily basis as bringing "a lot 
to thee place", you are right.

 But, God Bless You, sal,  God bless ya.

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 Same with Steve, he replied to a post of mine yesterday saying that it looked 
boring and he wasn't going to read it! What the fuck? Tell me Share, is there a 
point to it that you can see? I'm at a loss. If I see something that doesn't 
interest me I just skip to the next one, why make a point about it. Every time. 
Every day.


 Barry, on the other hand brings a lot to the place and isn't just a one trick 
pony with nothing to say. You may not agree with what he says but it is a 
discussion board and not a facebook page, we all have the choice to respond and 
alternatives with how we spend out time if we'd rather not.

 It actually fascinates me that we all come back day after day. 

 Ugh, the rain has begun. Supposedly will turn to ice overnight. So glad I've 
got brand new tires.

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 Subject: Re: [FairfieldLife] Re: Good article by someone with more patience 
for theists than I have...
 On 11/21/2014 7:14 AM, fleetwood_macncheese wrote:
 It really isn't ganging up, Share, anymore than everyone laughing at the same 
joke at a comedy club, is ganging up, on the subject of that joke. Think about 
it. Yes, there is something that bothers you here, but you haven't got it yet.

 For the record, this is payback for all the shit he has given me for the past 
ten years. The tables are turned now, his turn to cry. 
 The guy has been a shit-heel as long as I've been around the internet - that's 
his game. 
 Frankly, I don't care what he thinks or says - he's never accomplished a damn 
thing, so far as I can tell.
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 Steve, I don't mind when people confront turq one on one. But I really don't 
like it when the piling on and ganging up happens. Something about that seems 
very unhealthy to me, mainly for the people doing it.




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