I was having problems getting into FFL too a few minutes ago.  Since I got in, 
it appears that the problem has been solved.

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 No. Did MJ say that? I am having trouble connecting to FFL or my email about 
half the time. If it is spring, and the sun is shining and the birds are 
singing and were there apple trees bearing fruit (not likely in spring), and 
Jim did happen to walk on the sidewalk in that situation, then that would 
happen, but not because Jim walked on the sidewalk. I suppose enlightened 
people who do not teach or have experience teaching enlightenment would be very 
good at analysing others states (Jim excepted of course). Maharishi, if you 
consider him to be enlightened, when he started talking about biology and DNA 
seemed to be almost clueless as to what it was about. He had to learn, just 
like everyone else.

 I heard a story from someone who used to be around Maharishi. Maharishi would 
meet people. A topic would come up and he would grapple with it. Then the next 
person came in to see him, and Maharishi would bring up that topic as a point 
of the discussion. That is a great way to familiarise yourself with something. 
I think the topic this person mentioned Maharishi discussed was chainsaws.

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 One of the things mentioned about Buddha's enlightenment is that at that 
moment he said that 'all beings were simultaneously enlightened with his 
awakening'. The phrase is translated in different ways but they all basically 
say the same thing, that with awakening all beings were perceived as 

 I presume Jim can clarify what this means.

 Do you also presume, as MJ does, that when Jim walks along the sidewalk the 
sun shines, the birds spontaneously burst into song and apple trees erupt in 
his wake in order to feed the world's starving? Or do enlightened people only 
have the ability to analyze other people's theories and give the ultimate 



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