These guys could have found something new in developing artificial 
intelligence.  If they could make the brain of worms smarter, then they can 
digitize these worm brains and put them into machines that would acquire 
artificial intelligence. 

 There is probably a method now in biological science for altering genes in 
these worms to make them smarter in order to make complex decisions.  So, in 
the end, it could be possible to create an intelligent machine using smart worm 
brains, but it would inherently have the instincts of a worm.

 That's something to think about...

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 Experimenters are digitizing worm brains using them in robots. Maybe 
 they're learn that most insects are essentially robots or just organic 
 machines. Then they'll learn that most humans are robots and just 
 organic machines. And probably that consciousness is just an illusion. :-D

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