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 What!  No flat panel?  You're going to be stuck with last year's model?  Well, 
we figured we shoudn't leave the UK out of all the fun.
Last years model! Blimey, I should be so lucky! Mine can't even access the 
internet on it's own.

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 Seems it's ain't just a US thang.

 Uh-oh is the word! I went down the shops for some milk and had to fight 
through endless crowds all after TVs and stuff. Thousand of them! At 8 O'clock 
in the morning! 
 I don't know why we have to import everything from America, there must be some 
quaint European customs we can imitate when we can't think of anything 
 I did check for cameras though and all the ones I could find were discontinued 
models they wouldn't sell otherwise. 


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