Yes, yes this Hammond guy evidently is plugged in. A werkzeuge in the Western 
spiritual sense of spiritual medium. Quite different than just some entity 
spirit possession as channeling or someone else seeming to know someone's 
thoughts so well.   Listen to him through it all.   -Buck in the Dome 
LEnglish5 wrote :

 So you think that Maharishi spoke through whathisname? 

 When people talked about Maharishi channeling Gurudev when he gave a lecture 
on Gurudev's behalf (at the request of the living guru, mind you), they didn't 
mean in the sense of a Western spiritual medium, as far as I know, but in the 
sense of having absorbed the message so well that it was like listening to the 
original speak.

 A subtle, but important distinction, I think.



 That talk was spiritually inspired. Worth taking note of,  -Buck 
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