The "gods" are teh devas, which means "shining ones." 

 Using Maharishi's terminology, someone in God Consciousness notices that the 
wholeness of the functioning of the brain starts to reconfigure in a certain 
way to process incoming data, or express a specific aspect of being human.

 The reconfiguration, where some parts of the brain become more active and some 
less, shines forth in a way distinct from the actual objects of perception 
associated with that kind of processing, and is given a label: the deva 
so-and-so, whose job it is to handle math, or love or whatever.

 Repeat the description of that and pass it along, and eventually the devas 
become gods in a religion.



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 Everyone is "merged" with the absolute, the process of enlightenment is 
realizing it.  The absolute is all that is and  everything else is just an 
 This is where I go wrong. I'm utterly convinced it's the other way round!

 Yup, "everything else" is the relative.  It's the basic teaching of SCI, 
Indian philosophy and even Zoroaster.  I've told the story many times here of 
the emcee at the Katakali Dance Theater in Cochin explaining this and saying 
that it was so incomprehensible to simple people that the ancients made up the 
"gods" as metaphors to explain it.


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