Similar thing happened to David Icke. He was a successful footballer and TV 
commentator before he had a vision and started claiming to be the son of God 
and making his family wear turquoise track suits.

 Everyone laughed at him to his face, but I felt sorry for him, it was obvious 
he'd had some sort of breakdown. He had to build a belief system to explain it 
out of stuff he found in society, channellers and any mystic he ran into, and 
then he met someone who'd seen giant reptiles and the rest is history (and if 
it isn't you've got some eyebrow raising books to read).

 Icke's mind healed round his delusions and he functions without seeming 
baffled by it himself. Makes a lot of money too. I don't think George will 
though, it was just too "out there" to be credible. All these deities all being 
friends just sent me into an objectivity frenzy. There are nice fantasies and 
there is new age drivel and this went beyond what I could shrug off and I know 
people who channel Jesus!

 But I think you may have hit a nail on the head there Curtis, he the reason to 
ask the question and he had a belief system ready and waiting with sympathetic 
friends to encourage him.

 I think if I was close to him I would have been concerned, but to see it on TV 
I assumed he was aware and happy with what was going on and not just as a 
personal reality. He wanted us to receive it because he can't tell the 
difference. I didn't think to feel like he might be needing need help, but then 
you've got to feel like you do to need it don't you? You've awakened a humility 
in me. I just hope he's as happy with his new world as David Icke is with his.

---In, <curtisdeltablues@...> wrote :

 I am a brain guy. I think we need to get to the bottom of how it functions 
before we can even start to make claims beyond what it produces and dealing 
with worlds like what happens after we die and the brain rots away. (or gets 
burned away before it rots.) From what I could tell with Maharishi, he was not 
exempt from his brain function slowing down with age and it affecting who he 
was. Fundamentally, he changed as he grew older just like everyone else. The 
brain is my God.

So let's look at what the brain is capable of. Some patients who have a certain 
kind of stroke in a specific part of their brain go physically blind. It is 
mechanical, the brain cannot process what the optic nerve brings in, or it is 
the optic nerve itself that goes out, I don't know, but they can't see. Oddly, 
their brain immediately creates such a compelling replica of sensory 
experience, that the person is incapable of distinguishing this self generated 
experience from that of seeing the outer world. It takes doctors some time and 
many proof tests to convince these patients that this world their brain has 
cooked up, does not exist outside their mind. They cannot tell. And like in so 
many other cases of our brain's limitations they are incensed at first  to be 
challenged on this fundamental distinction. It is really hard to accept this 
harsh truth about our fallibility.

Because the mind is always creating what we call our perceptions out of the 
flimsy sensory data of our world, this is not a new thing really. What is new 
is that it is capable of it without any outside reference point.

I don't have to doubt that George was in a waking state when he had the 
"experience" of talking with Maharishi and others for a prolonged period of 
time. This is what the brain does for us to see a plate as a plate. What is 
different is that we don't have to go to the theory that it really was an 
external Maharishi that he was talking with in such detail. This is not even 
rare. We are Olympic level mis-percievers and worse analyzers of our 
limitations. We think we are great at fundamental things that we really suck 
at. Like distinguishing fact from fantasy in altered brain states. Totally suck 
at this.

Let's look at what bought this on. Barry was on to something with his 
connection of fear of death. George's sister had died, completely out of the 
blue, no warning, It was a total shock. I know someone who just went through 
something similar and had a mental breakdown. When he went to the doctor for 
some relief, the doctor explained to him what happens to the brain under 
extreme stress and shock. In a phrase: it F's up. All bets are off for what can 
happen when your brain goes through this. The normal processing functions are 
plunged into malfunctions.

You can have extended conversations with dead people. Whatever the brain can 
find to alleviate the stress, it will do. In his case he became almost 
catatonic and incapable of working for a while. His brain just said, "F it all 
peace out." He was not a flakey person. He was a working professional just like 
George. His brain just had enough and it quit.

George's experience is not unheard of, doctors know all about it. What is 
unique is that he had a belief system that supported his taking it at face 
value instead of saying, " I am in trouble and need help."

Despite the unattractive qualities inherent in the grandiosity of his claims, I 
feel for the guy, I really do.

As I told George, there is nothing in what he said that requires us to assume 
that is coming from special people on the other side. Any of us could have come 
up with every claim he made. And you would think that a committee of this 
caliber could come up with ONE thing that none of us could have spouted. One 
thing. Big like cure for cancer, or small like a new compound that gets those 
shitty labels off of stuff we buy without leaving that sticky crap on them 
better than that nasty "Goo Gone" Hell, I would settle for a prediction on all 
of today's horse races with all the winnings going to charity.  There was none 
of that. It all spilled out in its chaotic glory from a brain in crisis
I sensed his fragility when I spoke with him personally at the very end. I was 
not looking at a representative of the badasses who brought us the not so holy 
tradition, or Christianity or even a mind like Plato's. I was interacting with 
a man in crises, holding it together for his family and business, but so far 
off the rails that the cascading fallout from this public event will haunt his 
family for a long time. Seeing his earnest daughters at the event reminded me 
who was gunna bear the brunt if Dad goes down for the count. There is a sad 
bravery in how he was trying to manage this "event" in his brain.

If one hand puts him up as the king of this world and the next, and the other 
option is to consider that this is a man who, like so many others, is facing a 
neurological challenge, I know which I am betting on. He doesn't need egging on 
by enablers. He needs a hug and some professional help. And he, like so many 
others, can pull through and put his life back together.

The person I knew did, but he needed a hand, and knew that he needed it, and 
his family supported him in getting help, and he drew the lucky card of having 
his brain aberration not include a Mardi Gras parade of dead people and 
mythological archetypes egging him on to get out there and spread the word. 
Luck of the freak'n draw. Could have been any of us. Whew! 


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