Beautifully put, Curtis. And I agree totally.  To me George seems (via 
internet) a genuinely sincere person and he is responding to entirely"real" 
perceptions of his.  Like most people with hallucinations and other similar 
brain events, he probably has no way to know what is "real real" and what seems 
just as real but is only a  function of some neurological events over which he 
has no control.  And given the spiritual background and books over the last 
many years, it can be impossible to tease apart the healthy metaphysical and 
the wires gone awry.To me a tip off to this is that his ideas from his books 
sound awfully similar to the ideas from The Movement men he has been communing 
with. Yes this could happen to any of us. Given the right set of circumstances. 
 He seems like a really smart, good person - and as you said, a hug and some 
good help and understanding are what is needed.
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