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Salyavin, one of my very favorite bits from Geo Hammond was when he said that the bottom line is teaching people how to turn within, that TM is a subset of turning within.

I learned this one mindfulness technique that seems so innocuous that anyone who'd been steeped in TM lore would dismiss it as rubbish and say that it couldn't possibly lead to anything, unlike TM because that involves magic mantras and puja and evading the conscious mind blah, blah. But I did it when I was standing up on a train simply because there was a crap view out of the window and it blew my mind in no small way, like there was a waterfall of sweet light streaming through me.

I know it all sounds hideously cheesy but the thing is, I realised how it was working while it was happening and it was so simple I hadn't even thought it might compare to TM in that way, makes the effortlessness of TM seem like playing chess. I started laughing at my discovery that I got from a library book.

There was a point to this post that was relevant to your comment but I got carried away with the memory.... Turning within! Yes, he's right but there are so many ways of doing it that I wonder if anyone knows them all. Or even how effective they are for different people, or if some should be avoided by different people. So I'm not sure I'd recommend my approach to a newbie TMer because it's hard to explain. It's the sort of thing you have to find your own way through.

So the bottom line for me is not being too dogmatic about it whichever type you do, but don't create confusion in the minds of the unenlightened.

Damn, I'm rambling and there's something good on TV.

OK, what's good on TV across the pond these days? BTW, for Netflixers here "Black Mirror" has been added in the US WI.

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