Re "What about this guy, is he still in the running?":

 As the article you linked to is an obituary(!) I think he's missed the boat. 
He would have been King Michael I. His son is still around so it could turn 
into a bloody civil war between the son - who would be King Simon I - and Lady 
Kinloss - who would be Queen Teresa I.

 There was a report this week that our Government is planning give Angelina 
Jolie a seat in the House of Lords. I kid you not - you don't have to be a 
British subject to sit in our Upper Chamber. Under a law passed in 2010, the 
only criterion for new peers is that they must be “resident in UK for tax 
purposes”. Last month Miss Jolie was made an honorary dame by the Queen. If 
they can make Yanks dames then why not go the whole hog and make her sovereign? 
Queen Angelina I.

 Well "Angelina", "Simon" and "Teresa" make a change from all those bloody 




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 I just posted about that story and I mentioned there that the person with the 
best claim to the throne is Lady Kinloss (born 1957) who is the heir-general of 
Lady Catherine Grey, sister of Lady Jane Grey, briefly Queen of England.  

 When I saw the name "Lady Kinloss" I Googled it to see what the lady looks 
like. There isn't a single solitary photo of her on the Web! Maybe Prince 
Charles has been in touch and warned her to keep a low profile "if you know 
what's good for you".


 What about this guy, is he still in the running?

 Royal Roundup: ‘The Man Who Should Be King’ Dies in Australia
 Royal Roundup: ‘The Man Who Should Be King’ Dies ...
 A 71-year-old Australian man named Mike Hastings died last week in a small 
town in New South Wales. At various […]

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 Sal, might you have room for any of the Royals should they be turned out due 
to this revelation?

 More to the point, you got any Flemish butchers in your genetic background? 
More to the point was you yourself a Flemish butcher in one of your past 

Richard III DNA: Infidelity surprise
 Richard III DNA: Infidelity surprise Analysis of Richard III's 
DNA has thrown up surprising evidence of infidelity somewhere in his family 

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