I'm atypically replying to this post from Richard because it's a blatant LIE, 
and indicative of what an unconscionable troll he is. 

The only two people on FFL who have been reported to the cybercrime unit of the 
Dutch police are Nablusosos1008 and Jim Flanegin (fleetwood_macncheese). They 
were reported because they were posting libel about me that could have harmed 
me and my family. 

Neither the Dutch police nor Interpol have any interest in 1) Fairfield Life as 
a whole, 2) other people who post on it, or 3) even Richard J. Williams. 
Despite what Richard is LYING about here, no one is monitoring your 
conversations any more than they were before. No one was *ever* being monitored 
as part of a "Dutch porn watch list." Jim and Nabby were (and still are) being 
monitored because they BROKE DUTCH LAW by claiming that I was a child molestor 
and child pornographer and urged other people to take illegal actions about 
that libelous claim. 
Even RICHARD has not been reported to Dutch and international police...YET. 

There seems to be *no question* that he's going to continue lying about me and 
other people on this forum, as he has done for years. Unfortunately we can't 
stop that...only Rick can. But I'm not going to put even *him* on the 
cybercrime watch list unless his lies step over the line and break Dutch law, 
as Jim's and Nabby's did. 

Are we clear now? Richard is a lying scumbag, and you're NOT all being watched 
by the police.

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 In its fragmentation Yes, sadly FFL at Yahoo-groups it seems now is Mostly 
Left to the Angry People. dhamiltony wrote : The migration from FFL to The_Peak 
also at Yahoo-groups seems to be going well, over to a New Jerusalem at:

 On 12/3/2014 1:21 AM, salyavin808 wrote:
   You keep saying you're going but I can't help noticing you are STILL HERE. 

 We are still here to warn everyone about posting to FFL. They do so at their 
own risk because everyone that posts here is now on the Dutch police porn 
"Watch List." You do realize that they've seen the cartoon you posted with the 
"c" word caption, right? And, I guess you realize they have your name, phone 
number, and IP address, right? Or, maybe you don't. Go figure.

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