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yoohoo, hi salyavin, I'm still here too. Practicing a little bi-location (-: Anyway, enjoying the humor from you and turq. Plus the NASA photo of aurora borealis, cool!
OTOH, enjoyed Richard's comment too and will now reply to that. Go figger!
Nobody seems to want to talk about the the big white elephant in the room. Go figure.

So, I guess that's because most of the other respondents left in protest. Apparently the ones that remain don't realize that Barry now owns this forum. It may take awhile for the remainders to realize the ramifications of the present situation.

In a button-pushing contest, all is fair up to but not including calling in the police when you post a satirical comment in response to their button-pushing - that pretty much indicates the end of the contest.

According to the rules of netiquette, one of the most egregious activities is to post pornographic text or images to a moderated family-oriented discussion group during a debate. In most instances, on Yahoo or Facebook, this would result in an immediate banning from the group, or at least a stern warning and/or suspension from the group moderator.

But by far, the most heinous button-pushing tactic of all time would be to call in a lawyer and a news reporter, inform the police, and threaten to have a debating opponent prosecuted and arrested - for whatever reason. Now that's a thought-stopper!

We all agreed that this forum was not to be taken seriously - we all agreed that pushing buttons was just a form of satire. We did NOT agree that when you got your buttons pushed back that it was acceptable to call the /International Police/ - when a few simple emails sent privately would have been sufficient!


    1. outstandingly bad; shocking.
    a. "He made an egregious abuse of button-pushing."

synonyms: shocking, appalling, terrible, awful, horrendous, frightful, atrocious, abominable, abhorrent, outrageous./

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In its fragmentation Yes, sadly FFL at Yahoo-groups it seems now is Mostly Left to the /Angry People/. The migration from FFL to The_Peak also at Yahoo-groups seems to be going well, over to a /New Jerusalem/ at:

You keep saying you're going but I can't help noticing you are STILL HERE.


    Dear Yahoo-Groups Guideline Police: I have long pleaded for a
    higher power to come in here and help clean this place up. I
    welcome your arrival. Hopefully you can help us mediate and even
    help revive all that was once really good about FairfieldLife as a
    Yahoo-group community. I am one of the longest surviving original
    members of this forum and well know its ways. I am actually on of
    the few  FFL member participants on the ground here in Fairfield,
    Iowa and I should be glad to be of administrative assistance for
    you if you need help controlling this out-of-hand group. -Buck in
    Fairfield, Iowa

Dear RD;
Good Point RD, the ruse of these apostates trying to come back 'to save' people reads much more now like the harassment of a people who are otherwise comfortable having dealt with their own moral dissonances within their own community in their own terms to their own spiritual ends. Who are these neganauts to interfere with the internal affairs of others any way? It seems incredibly arrogant on their part to come in here and try to methodically disturb people's peace. It seems now quite a hateful and shocking harassment to use such defamatory language the way they do. Having learned their own particular histories as they have related them on FFL through time then sympathetically when considering these guys as sources of anything spiritual they are quite pitiable really. It is a shame that their abuse of the unguarded cultural openness of this community has allowed them to take over the flower that was FFL with their negativity and erode off our our more seasoned reasoned and experienced membership. -Buck in Fairfield, Iowa

raunchydog wrote :

Barry, your recent use of crude language and imagery for the sake of pushing buttons is just an escalation of your usual MO, which I usually respond to by making fun of you. What I find funny is your delusion that inventing an offensive straw-man (offensive to any normal human being) in order to push "true believer" buttons will somehow expose and perhaps liberate them from TMO/MMY delusions. You never seem to get is how people respond to you is about your offensive behavior, period. Apart from the fact that IMO you are a narcissistic, self-righteous, self-aggrandizing human being, your failed mission to wake up perceived cultists from *your* cult nightmare IS NOT WORKING. You cannot fix whatever hurts from cults you have experienced in the past by projecting unresolved pain onto others.

Granted, implying the police ought to investigate you as a child abuser is a bridge too far. Let's just say you brought it on yourself and leave it at that.

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