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 Good nuance.  Good comparison.

 A Caliphate? So the TMO is a social system grounded in ancient literature? 
Yep, that's a fine comparison.

 I maintain that brain waves are real and affect one's environment.

 No one would argue that brain waves are real, but affecting the environment? 
Not even the TMO is claiming that.

 Of course they are. 

 No they aren't! They are claiming that they affect the fundamental level of 
nature not brainwaves, it's their "unified field technology" that they are 
claiming is affecting your brain, not other people's thoughts.

 If the brain waves of TM'ers are supposedly more coherent and life supporting 
(I have doubts about that) then the MMY effect comes (supposedly) into play and 
effects what others think and do. That is "the environment".

  We can measure electrical activity in brains easily but you have to attach 
some sensitive electrodes directly to the scalp to do it. These signals are in 
the brain, if they could travel outside it would be easy to measure them 
because we already know the frequencies. 

 All waves, all activity is energy. All energy has force and it could be 
measured if we had the tools. As long as there is energy there is movement. If 
radio waves and all sorts of micro waves can be emitted and sent long or short 
distances through the atmosphere then brain waves are also doing the same 
thing. Even the beating of ones heart has some ability to be heard and felt 
outside of the body.

 I can't help you with your scientific illiteracy. But as your heart can be 
heard outside of your body a lot easier than your brainwaves can then maybe the 
Marshy Effect is caused by the slowing down of people's hearts being heard 
across warzones. Hmm, yes. That makes sense.

 But we can't and that isn't what they are claiming, the Marshy Effect is 
supposed to work on some sort of "unified field" that connects all things via 
our consciousness. Convenient that it seems to be an unmeasurable phenomena, or 
am I unreasonable in expecting a physical basis to claims for the physical 

 Having an effect on a unified field doesn't mean the force, the energy of the 
brain waves are not somehow hitting outer atmosphere ie being felt outside of 
the brain and body. Sheesh.

 Sheesh what? This sentence makes no sense. But it interests me that the TMO 
publicity machine seems to have had it's way in how it relies on people's 
ignorance of physics history and understanding of forces and effects. It's 
their oldest method of working, use a few vaguely familiar sciencey-sounding 
phrases and use them to piggyback their own beliefs and hope you won't be able 
to tell the difference.

 Where we go beyond that, I don't know.   

 I maintain that any body or an object with mass emits waves of some kind.

 Why on Earth would you want to maintain that?

 Because he is right, they do.


 Where we go beyond that, I don't know.

 And yes, I believe celestial objects fall in to this somewhere.

 We are free to believe what we like. The TMO are trying to make money by 
claiming an actual physical effect. Still, I guess your response answers my 
question about who the letter was aimed at....

 You're such a curmudgeon.

 Why? Someone has to stand up for reality. People like Steve who don't have a 
grounding in science are the intended recipients of this stuff. They'll bleed 
him dry if they get the chance.

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 All you have to do is read the comments at the bottom of the Youtube video to 
see what people think of it.A sane person would distance themselves from such 
*nonsense*. I wouldn't be caught dead endorsing yogic flying  and the TMO to 
create world peace. Might pull for it secretly though, kind of like a Muslim 
secretly pulling for a Caliphate.


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TM found to reduce them by 70%!

 Any idea why they are bothering with this? It doesn't even mention yogic 
flying so if anyone takes it at face value and does some research, they'll 
instantly find this:



 And that will be that. 

 Anyone looking still further might wonder why we haven't done it anyway if it 
works. And then we can say; we have been doing it. And yagyas too! 

 So why doesn't it work? because it just doesn't. There is no action at a 
distance. None of the research goes anywhere proving that it does. The crime 
rate in Washington didn't fall any further than it randomly fluctuates over the 
year anyway, even the editors of the journal that one was published in weren't 

 And the Lebanon study was even more pointless, does anyone look back at that 
time and wonder why there was a few fewer deaths than expected when there 
people meditating in Jerusalem? Of course not, because there wasn't. You can't 
say that more people would have died if we weren't meditating, how are you 
going to prove it? There are lies, there are damn lies and there are statistics

 If this amazing "technology" caused world peace we'd already have it, aren't 
there 250,000 meditators in South America now? The crime rate in Washington 
would have dropped to nothing if yogic flying worked. The war in Lebanon would 
have stopped. Even if it's as good as the claimed unmeasurable effects, how 
would that help in Syria? 10% fewer beheadings than last month? Wouldn't that 
interfere with Saudi Arabian justice a bit? They won't like that.

 Let's face it, it's a nice idea - one of the best, but if they can't even 
explain how it might work by any known mechanism let alone demonstrate that it 
does it's dead in the water. Perhaps that's why this advert is heavy on 
promises and light on explanation?

 Fess up guys, if it worked the amount of meditators, yagyas and pundits all 
over the world would have had us all dancing in the streets by now, but we 
appear to be stuck with having to come up with actual solutions for problems 
rather than hoping some stirrings of bliss in some mythical unified field will 
magically save the world.

 I convert for evidence, but I aint ever seen none for magic, nor even had it 
explained how it might work.

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 Published scientific studies show TM and advanced practices reduce war deaths 
and terrorism by more than 70%. (See the journals and statistics below in the 
middle column.)




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