i've learned over the years that the dynamics of human consciousness are the 
same no matter where you go.  The military is as political as politics itself 
(and so is the TMO).  

 It reminds me of an analogy by alan watts.  He stated that children play a 
game, but adults play it too.  However, children are very obvious about it, and 
adults tend to hide it or be very subtle.  It's a game called "The activity i'm 
involved with is better than the activity that you are involved with".  

 For example, some people think getting involved in religion, military, art, 
science, investment banking....etc..., that they are automatically learning and 
growing in the essence of that area of life.  However, if a person has a 
mechanical approach to life, then they will have a mechanical approach to art.  
So taking music or painting lessons isn't going to turn someone into a balanced 
or fluid person.  Nor does joining the military make you tough, or religion 
make you virtuous.  

 So I think your observation of the TMO and its similarity to the military 
statistics i talked about is pretty much spot on.  And i'm sure if we went to a 
local business, social circles, clubs, etc....we'll find the exact same 
patterns of social behavior.  


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