Yep, Outstanding in my fields  I trimmed horse feet today,
 in between meditations. 
 Don't got no time for ball games.

 Wind chill values as low as -5. Blustery, with a northwest wind around 20 mph, 
with gusts as high as 30 mph.



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 I could of been a contender, a yogic flying champion had I put my mind to it.
 Hahaha, I'm sure you could have, Doug. But here you are, this rugged Iowan 
farmer, out in the biting cold and the draining sun tending to your cattle or 
whatever animals you happen to raise. You ride long hours in those giant 
tractors or threshers (complete with sound systems, air conditioning and 
massage seats) but, nevertheless, you have a tan and sport a few hard-earned 
wrinkles as a result  of being tortured by the extremes of Fairfield weather. 
I've been there. Riding in the middle of January through three foot snow 
drifts, wearing two hats, a face mask and three pair of pants and socks. Real 
fun. Just surviving in FF qualifies you for an Olympic gold.
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 Actually you have to be fit to be a yogic flying champion, though we proly 
don't have any yogic flying champions posting to the group here.  You can see 
the videos all over the internet.  These are fit men doing the yogic flying at 
the championship level.  

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 Yes, the meditating Fairfield folkart community gathered enjoying its annual 
marathon viewing of the Arts&E 1995 Pride and Prejudice as contrast to the 
professional football stupid bowl of damaged brains.

 Other than Steve and maybe Mike, to a lesser degree, there isn't a jock on 
this forum. I don't think any of the men and women who post here, or who used 
to post here, ever lifted a tennis racket, kicked a football or threw a pitch 
in their lives. They all remind me of pasty couch potatoes and probably the 
most active thing any of them have done is lift a tome off a book shelf or 
bounced around on a large piece of foam.

 Pride and Prejudice (1995) Trailer (1080p)
 Pride and Prejudice (1995) Trailer (1080p) Description

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 Good game?  Good commercials?  I'm with you on Lady Gaga, though.

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 Lady Gagag knocked the ball out of the park with her Star Spangled Banner


 Good game so far.
 Even better commercials.

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